GREAT MAP OF THE SHUTTLE ENDEAVOUR’S TRIP!  Click on the map to learn more about Endeavour’s permanent home at the California Science Center.

Watch the flight LIVE, here on NASA’s UStream.

A great program from NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) right here in SoCal is encouraging students to participate in all #spottheshuttle fun today.

They’re asking students and teachers to take pictures of the Endeavour’s flight today and upload them to be selected by NASA to use on its official website, visitor centers and more.

Teachers are asked to upload four of the best photos from students to NASA’s Flickr pool at All submitted photos must contain Reference name and location name of school and teacher no later than Nov. 9.  

So get your camera’s ready and don’t forget to share with @LASchools so we know when  the pic is coming from one of our own students or teachers!  Enjoy this wonderful teaching moment!

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